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Couples Offerings

*ONLINE- 4 week Love-In 

Time TBD


Put your love on the calendar.  Reconnect with your Beloved in a puja ritual for two. Guided energetic and physical meditation with  your partner to allow for deeper communication and new ways to express love. Practice the art of being Love and seeing the Divine in the one that choose to share your heart with. Notice the shift in the depth of connection as you see each other with new eyes.

Coaching for Beloveds

$200 / hour   $375 / 2 hours

Guidance on communication and consciously connecting with your Beloved through breathing practices, exploring different modalities of touch and speaking from love.

Honoring the Divine Masculine

$625 / 2.5 hours

Learn how to guide your man in creating a relationship with his inner god (Shiva) by consciously connecting the power of his heart to his genitals. You will be guided on how to teach him ejaculatory control, expand his threshold for pleasure, find his sacred spot, heal his past wounds and have a greater sense of confidence.

Worshiping the Goddess

$625 / 2.5 hours

Guided hands-on session to teach you how to create a beautiful sacred ritual for your goddess. You will learn meditation techniques to connect you to your Beloved and how to keep yourself in the present moment.  You will also learn female sacred spot massage and how to bring your inner Daka (sexual healer) forward so you can guide your partner through process and into unfathomable bliss.

Union of Shakti and Shiva

Daily rate plus expenses

2-10 day coaching immersions with each partner, separately and together  as well as daily 

Awakening Sessions with each partner

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