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Diving deep into oneself is the greatest journey of all...

Earth to ether

Diving into the still waters

Shining a Light in the Darkness

Loving your Soul Full

Hand to hand, heart to heart, spirit to spirit

You are bound for love....



Annette Wilson

         Annette is an Elite Certified Tantra Educator, Rebirthing Breathwork Facilitator and Rope Enthusiast.     Her strength lies in her calm and gentle nature, which allows her to guide in             nonthreathening ways to help you find your inner wisdom through energetic and  tactile                  exploration.  She believes that with love and honoring the power of  stillness, mountains  can  be   moved.                                                                                                                                                                                           

           Her offerings include Tantra and  Shibari classes, Sensual Bondage sessions, and energy and plant medicine sessions for Singles, Couples and Groups.  Whether you are discovering your inner sensual being,  healing past wounds  or learning a new way to play,   Annette can guide you and  help co-create a program just for you.                                                                                                                            


*Bound for Inner Peace - Cradling the Inner Child         

*Breaking the Tie that Bind  - Healing Trauma                 Through the Ropes

* Becoming an Exquisite Lover -   A Guide to Gifted         Masaculine Touch (for Men)

*Becoming an Exquisite Lover -  Devine Feminine          Exploration (for Women)

*Sensual Ropes - Surrendering to the Goddess                


*Becoming an Exquisite Lover -                                           

The Masculine/Feminine Dance

*Connection Through Ropes - Tantric Ropes         



*Ties That Bind - Beginning the Journey

*I've Got You - Communication Through Rope

*Twisted Heat - Sensual Rope & Play

*Girls On Top - The Feminine Dance of tying a Man

*Binding the Sisterhood - Women Tying Women

*Ceremonial Knots - Dancing with Cacao, Roses & Rope

*Love With a Twist - A Deep Dive into Tantra-Kink

                     Co-taught with Koa Wood, ACTE


Tying people to set them free...