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"Working with Annette was such a gift. She held such safe, sacred and sensual space that allowed me to find a release I'd never before imagined. I'm so grateful we invited Annette to be our teacher, hold us close, and set us free."                                                           -- T & A

"My experience with Annette was out of this world. The whole lasted 4 hours  by the clock, but it might have 12, or 1. Her "arsenal" is that you WILL have a memorable experience - she has such a warm aura that you immediately feel at ease. She is deeply devoted to providing you with a deep experience. And she integrates multiple techniques into her practice - for instance, she used rope bondage with me, creating a beautiful pattern of intricate knots in such a ritualistic way that it put me into the most enchanting trance that made me feel wonderfully protected and able to open up.

I never so completely lost track of my superficial consciousness and opened so completely to the sensations of  my body. She effectively unlocked parts of me that I had ignored until then.

I am not prone to visualizations, but I also had the most intricate, beautiful ones as she deftly applied her touch in the subtlest ways - gold and jewel tresses combed into my hair; chthonic serpents smoothly gliding away all cares from my body; Hindu goddesses sending ripples over my skin with their fingertips. There is a legend that Sigurd, a Nordic hero, received the gift of understanding the language of birds after fighting a dragon. In a way, I too, feel that Annette gave me the gift to understand a new language."                                                  -- J

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