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My Services


*ZOOM CALL: Guided meditations, Coaching


*Bound for Inner Peace - Cradling the Inner Child         

*Breaking the Tie that Bind  - Healing Trauma Through the Ropes  

* Becoming an Exquisite Lover -   A Guide to Gifted Masculine Touch (for Men)

*Becoming an Exquisite Lover -  Divine Feminine  Exploration (for Women)

*Sensual Ropes - Surrendering to the Goddess     

*Journey to Another Realm -  Deep Dive Interweaving Shibari, Tantra & Plant Medicine


*ONLINE:   Couples Love-In -  Journey into rediscovering connection and love


*Becoming an Exquisite Lover -                                           

The Masculine/Feminine Dance

*Connection Through Ropes - Tantric Ropes   


"Working with Annette was such a gift. She held such safe, sacred and sensous space that allowed me to find a release I'd never before imagined. I'm so grateful we invited Annette to be our teacher, hold us close, and set us free." -T & A


*Binding the Sisterhood - Self-Tying for Anxiety Relief

*Ties That Bind - Beginning the Journey

*I've Got You - Communication Through the Rope

*Twisted Heat - Sensual Rope & Wax Play

*Girls On Top - The Feminine Dance of tying a Man

*Binding the Sisterhood - Women Tying Women

*Ceremonial Knots - Dancing with Cacao, Roses & Rope

*Love With a Twist - A Deep Dive into Tantra-Kink


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